Air Freight
Air Freight  

As a global leader in air consolidation and forwarding, we provide customer-specific air freight programs to shippers of all sizes. We understand that air freight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication, combined with the ability to seize cost saving opportunities. Some of the benefits include:

Key Carrier Partnerships
Our company partners with key carriers that offer the most consistent transit and largest lift. Because we contract with these carriers, we gain leverage in both space allocation and pricing.

To offer the most direct, economical routing of your cargo, we contract with multiple carriers, allowing us to create the greatest possible flexibility in routing and pricing.

Competitive Pricing
Because of our leverage with carriers, we can be price competitive without losing focus on the most important aspect of air shipping: on time delivery, door-to-door.

Measured Cycle Times
Every shipment, with every carrier, is measured. We partner with the carriers to ensure that our high standards of on time delivery are met. And, we include our customers in this process by reporting our true cycle times.

EDI with Air Carriers
Electronic communication links us with all major carriers, providing real-time information of shipment status to you and to our specialists.

Door-to-Door Tracking
You can dial in to track your shipment, receive a daily status report, or allow our office to call you with the status of each order.